About Me - Ben Petersen


I am a Full Stack Software Developer with six years of experience specializing in C#, SQL, and various JavaScript frameworks like Vue, Angular, KnockoutJS, and jQuery. I have a history of consistently deliverying on-time and being a team player focused on clean and maintainable code.

Work Interests

I love to continually push myself. I often show up early at work to learn a new language, work on a side project, or blog about what I'm working on. In particular, I've taught my team Angular because it was a tough area in our web application. Afterwards, I went a step above and researched my projects Angular usages and found performance bottlenecks and documented ways to better maintain the code. Currently, I am focusing on learning advanced C# topics and how to debug and resolve server issues. I keep up to date by listening to a vast array of podcasts (see blog for full list), going to JavaScript focused meetups in Boulder Colorado, and joining running groups where we often talk about work issues.

Side Interests

Among staying up to date and taking quarterly initiatives, I mentor a young man who is currently entering college. His passion is creative design and creating EDM music. Through the years, I’ve been by his side while he started high school life at a boys ranch, tutored him and helped improve his grades, assisted with pre-interview questions for jobs, helped him negotiate selling a computer to a pawn shop, and choosing a college path. He's always excited to see me and I look forward to bring joy to a young man's life.

My wife and I love to go car camping with our two dogs, we also like to play strategic or economic style board games that constantly evolve. My wife loves to cook and her favorite thing is to share that happiness with others so we have friends and co-workers over for dinner and cocktails (or craft beer). Sometimes she decides to bring dessert to the office to share a warm tart, panna cotta, or holiday cookies (with alergy and other restrictions taken into consideration).

I also love to go trail running, bike to work or when it's raining I usually take the bus. I also like to workout with a running group over lunch, often doing intervals or long runs, sparingly I lift at a gym and hope to learn how to downhill and cross country ski next season. Last year was my first year running the BolderBoulder and finished with a time of 48:30, roughly 7:40 splits even though I was criss-crossing the entire race.

My side project has involved Lego Dimensions and building a character tracker guide which shows you which additional characters you need to complete the game. It parses a character ability list, has searching, saving owned character packs into local storage, and displays owned packs somewhat organized manner (I'm not a designer, so it's a bit chaotic)

Contacting Me

If you’re interested in hearing more and the position is in Broomfield, Colorado area (Louisville, Superior, as well as Boulder) reach out to me on LinkedIn and we’ll go from there.