About Me - Ben Petersen


I am a Full Stack Software Developer, specializing in C# .NET, and various JavaScript frameworks. In the past six years, I’ve worked as a consultant, at small and large companies, and at remote offices and vastly enjoy communicating with team members, PMs, and getting business owners insight and passion while shipping new products and improving existing solutions.

Work Interests

I love to continually push myself. I often show up early at work to learn a new language or pattern. In the past two quarters I tought my team Angular as well as React. Currently, I am focusing on learning advanced C# topics and how to debug and resolve server issues. I keep up to date by listening to a vast array of podcasts (see blog for full list), going to Boulder meetups, and conversing with others in the development world via Twitter and various team outings.

Side Interests

Among staying up to date and taking quarterly initiatives, I mentor a young man who is currently entering college. His passion is programming, creating EDM music and also creative design. Through the years, I’ve been by his side while he started high school life at a boys ranch, tutored him and helped improve his grades, assisted with pre-interview questions for jobs, negotiated with a pawn shop, and choosing a college path. I am a big portion of a young man’s life and helping where I can brings joy. My wife and I love to play board games, I especially like strategic or economic style games that constantly evolve. My wife loves to cook and her favorite thing is to share that happiness with others. This often means, warm tart or holiday cookies brought to the office. I also love to go on a trail run with my dog, bike to work, and do kettle bell lifts in the work parking lot (because a gym is too far away for an effective workout).

Contacting Me

I may not be currently looking, but if you’re interested in hearing more, reach out to me on Twitter and LinkedIn and we’ll go from there.