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Why Software Developer Interviews are Broken and What you can do about it

There are many styles of interviews, briefly talk about your experience and past projects, object oriented definitions, javascript definitions, in-person whiteboard coding, in-person pair programming, online and ad-hoc coding challenge, take home coding test, etc. Each company has a different style of interviews and you have to be ready for anything.


Jira Chrome Extension side project using Angular 1.4

As part of a side project, I built a chrome extension to aide my team. I found that stories were assigned to me and I wouldn't see them for one day, which prevented us from peer reviewing and turning around stories quickly.

Life hacks and Increasing Productivity for Software Developers

One area that we all look to improve is our productivity. In a world filled with distraction, it's getting harder and harder to get meaningful work done. Learn how to shut out the distractions in your life and use your focus to get results on your most meaningful tasks.

Compensating hard work with bonuses

Bonuses are hard to understand. On the contrary to what companies want you to think, they aren’t about velocity as part of the team, what you’ve contributed, or your hard work over the last few monthes. It’s strictly a numbers game.