Software QA Defects | 2016-06-20

Quality Software and Defect Management

is an open ended question, and below are a few questions I ask myself when QA hands me a defect from a story or regression. This makes sure this issue is related to this story. - Is this a production defect? - Is this an urgent client defect? - Is it a Data issue? - Can I replicate it using the steps they provided? - Is the fix easy and will it impact users with an error? - Is this defect related to this story?

Deciding if it's in my queue

If I can answer “Yes, it is” to anyone of those questions then I can handoff the defect to someone else. If it’s truely a defect of this story, then I start working on it.

  • If production defect: Send it to a PM, asking to create a story in the backlog for this production defect.
  • If a page errors out, assign it to myself and pull into sprint. If not, we’ll tackle it next sprint.
  • If it’s a data issue: assign it to a SQL team member, making sure the steps are reproduceable and easy to understand exactly what the issue is.
  • If the defect is related to the story: start working on it if nothing more important is on my queue

As a developer we can look into things and usually fix them at the same time, but sprint commits and velocity will be changed and unless it’s a production issue, little things wait. That’s my team at least, your may ask you to shift away from your current work without notice. While that’s okay once in a while, I urge you to ask yourself a few simple questions and communicate with the PM if non-critical bugs keep getting pushed into the current sprint.