JIRA Angular Software | 2017-10-06

Team performance and impacts of testing in india

Working with a team across the globe is really nice, they are very responsive, can regression test quickly and know the product very well. Sometimes problems occur when I can’t reproduce using their steps, on these occurances I wish I could walk over to their desk and they show me. When this happens, a minimum of a day is lost on this story because I have to send it over to them asking for clarification or stating why I can’t reproduce and explaining the tool.

Lost time and sprint deadlines

Lost time when communicating between countries

Sometimes this draws out to a couple of days because of back and forth. Essentially, one comment to one of us is equal to 12 hours of lost time to work on a fix for this issue. Obviously, the time isn’t lost because I have other stories to work on during the sprint, but going back to a story to re-engage and follow up, trying their reproduction steps, and either comment back to them or make a fix to a different issue than I inially thought is not ideal.

How a QA Manager is beneficial to the team

This can affect sprint velocity because a low pointed story (aka low in complexity) has now eaten several hours of my time going back and forth several times. While off-shore QA team member is crucial towards a development teams success, I like having a QA Team Lead or manager position to manage off-shore progress, project timelines, change in priorities, or to resolve random issues like this when quick responses or working together helps iterate quicker and complete stories on time.

Do you think the same way I do? If not, why?