Development Angular Jira | 2017-12-28

As part of a side project, I built a chrome extension to aide JIRA and my team. I found that stories were assigned to me and I wouldn't see them for one day, which prevented us from peer reviewing and turning around stories quickly.

This is probably caused by me filtering out my inbox for builds, and JIRA assigned/commented emails. My problems we're similar to my teams because there were so many emails to filter through for other working projects, before this I had to let QA or a certain dev know that I needed a peer review. Those extension let's us we together without a lot of overhead and that's cool.

Extension look and feel

    Where do you get it?
Link to repo How do you build and add it to chrome? Each of the steps below are in the readme Check out the project Find all referernces of and and rename to your companies Jira board Run 'npm install' from the CLI Run 'gulp' from the CLI Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://extensions From the root of the project, drag the /build directory into the chrome://extensions window What technologies did I use and why? Angular 1.4 - because it’s a great tool to build a single page app, originally built a couple of years ago Angular-route - before it was pulled into the main angularJS jQuery because it’s my cruch when I want to implement something quickly Bootstrap - look and feel without starting from scratch Moment - date formatting. Underscore - integrate into the JIRA rest API JIRA APIs Gulp - to minify and package

It's not perfect, but it my team get the job done