Productivity Routine Improving | 2017-05-15

One area that we all look to improve is our productivity. In a world filled with distraction, it's getting harder and harder to get meaningful work done. Learn how to shut out the distractions in your life and use your focus to get results on your most meaningful tasks.

My Productivity suggestions

There isn't a step-by-step guide on how to be productive, personally there are a few things I do at different times of the day to help keep me productive.

Early Morning tips for productivity

  • In the morning I ask myself “What can I do to make progress on my goals?”
  • Work on side projects first thing in morning

Throughout the day tips

  • Say no when you can
  • 50 minutes focusing / 10 minutes being active
  • If something makes me nervous, focus on it
  • Ending the day on a high quality, mid flow, mid sentance.
  • Quarterly objectives focusing on learning, building, and sharing with my team and others online.
  • Work life balance - I stop using my phone at 5:30pm, unless I need to plan my day out for tomorrow. I use the time at home to reclaim solitude and do something different every night with my wife.
  • Remove distractions and stop multitasking
  • Constantly ask myself “What has the biggest impact towards my #1 goal?” and “What’s the best use of my time right now?”

Productivity tips after work

On my bus commute home I write about my day. Generally I strive to write 200 words a day, usually I go over. I treat it like a brain dump, sometimes I find something I need to bring up to my supervisor, add a personal goal for next quarter, interesting tidbit I found interesting. If it wasn’t a very productive day, I write about what was bothering me and try and find a solution to it. Do we have all the gifts we need for christmas? What am I worried about at home? And why? Again, brain dump with a little brainstorming at the end and I document that “to-do” in another document.

This helps keep my work life separate from my home life. I dump it all out and helps keep a level head at home / running errands / relaxing. I keep this completely to myself. I don’t blog about it, I just have it in a Google Doc (for long term) and Google Keep for quick notes (short term). I sometimes bring up these things with my loved one, usually if it bothers me and I need to vent or if there's something that we should do. I don’t use this to keep secrets, I do this because I don't want to spend my time at home talking or thinking about work.

Reclaim solitude

At night, I get everything I need for the morning. It’s sometimes better than other days, but I put leftovers together in one spot in the fridge, set asside my biking outfit and work outfit in my bag. It’s all about utilizing the morning, I’m not a night owl, I rather get to focused state quicker (quick morning ruitual) and stay there longer (have everything I need). I probably need to work on this more, I haven't arrived at work early in a couple of monthes and I've been strugling to spend time after work on side projects. Reasons..

My version of Hal Elrod's Miricle Morning

In the morning, I decide what the top 3 things I want to complete and the first, most important thing before moving on. I hustle on the side to work on those things. If that’s learning Angular performance, then I need to incorporate learning it into what work requires of me. I consider myself a consultant, so learning on the side is huge, clients don’t pay me to, but it’s required in my field. So, once in a while I just stop and spend an hour learning what I want to learn, put it to practice, make a couple to-do items for my next side hussle and then back to work.

One way to achieve a goal is to set a 100 day goal, every 10 days re-evaluate and plan out what your going to do in the next 10 days, though I think that has an overhead and doesn't work for me. This could work well when starting a new job.

Another way is to identify the 1 thing I should do today because if you list 3 or 5 biggest things that I really want to do, they might not all get done. But if it's just one, then heck! It's easy. But do what works for you. I usually pick the top item I can move forward with and focus on that as quick as I can. In other words, do the Most Important things first! Don't wait for the end of your day to do your passion.

Do what you love

Personally, this means biking to work, aerobics at the gym, or logging in early to work on a side project. Just do what you love!