Business Car tires Warranties | 2017-10-25

Why warranties are king when buying tires

I bought a full set of Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires in 2014 because they have a guarantee to replace the set for free if they don't hit the 80,000 miles. The fine print stated they must be evenly worn, regular and documented tire rotations every 7,500 miles. This guarantee is called their "Extra Coverage for Premium Tires"

Bought the tires at 47,000 miles, they are at 76,000 miles with 5mm of tread left.

From these figures they have 30,000 miles on them, an 80,000 mile guarantee and they are offereing a 43% discount on a set.

  • Front Left 5 6 5
  • Back Left 5 6 5
  • Front Right 5 5 5
  • Back Right 5 5 4

We drove these tires as an average consumer does, tight corners, dry highway miles, dry/wet city miles. Checking air pressure every week or two to make sure that they aren't under or over inflated.

Usually how going Agile feels

I understand these aren’t evenly worn, because all of the numbers are fives, but I expect a tire to last the expected mileage and to be reimbursed if they don’t. What they are offering is a joke, they are offering four tires at $380. But what they don’t see is they have a $70 rebate that won’t be applying to these tires because it’s not a “new set of tires”, it’s a replacement set. So that means that everywhere else I can buy a new set, with a new guarentee as long as it’s near $450.

I bought the set for $540 and 30,000 miles later, I need a new set.

Is Cooper Tires Extra Coverage warranty a joke or is it just me?